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MFI-crisis : A research project conducted in Dominican Republic, India, Morocco Senegal and Nicaragua.

Axis 1


Axis 1 : Understanding repayment defaults: the demand side.

Axis 2

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Axis 2 : The Environment: a Supportive, Triggering or Aggravating Factor?

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Microcredit notebook

Axis 3 : MFIs’ Supply: Identifying the Major Risks.

Microfinance in crisis

The research aims to offer a global analysis of the main microcredit delinquency factors (such as governance, regulation, market saturation and political influence), from the perspective of supply, demand and environment. The research will look into the exact nature and interaction among identified recurrent factors in different economic, growth and market maturity context, with the view of building a typology of delinquency crises.

The main operational outcome of the study will be the design of a “delinquency crisis prevention dashboard” which aims to identify the combination of factors and contexts that are likely to lead to a crisis. The research results will also be disseminated widely through different channels including research briefs and conferences.

From a methodological point of view, the research project will feature a multidisciplinary approach (economics, business and management, political economy, economical anthropology, socio-economy and agro-economy); the generation of “original” primary data from field surveys; and a combination of tools for data collection and analysis. The findings will be based on five case studied countries which have been selected for their diversity of situations and for the quality of existing or potential partnership with local stakeholders: India, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Senegal and Nicaragua.

The Microcredit Crises Prevention Dashboard (Research and Policy Brief n°9) is one of the outcome of this research project funded by the European Investment Bank University Research Sponsorship programme (EIBURS).