UMR 201 – Development and Societies (Paris I Sorbonne University, Institute of Research for Development)

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The research unit Development and Societies brings together researchers from the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and researchers from the Institute of Research for Development (IRD). These research areas are concentrated around the multidisciplinary study of development processes in the societies of the global South, divided into four research teams: Governance, Crises and Norms; Labour, Finance and Globalisation; Migration and Territories, Developing Cities, Urban Trajectories, Public policies, Vulnerability and Inequalities. Within the team Labour, finance and Globalisation, five researchers (full time and associate) are specialized on processes of financiarisation, financial inclusion policies and their interactions on labour.
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Fribourg University, Department of Economics

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The scientific authority and the in-depth knowledge of its staff make the Department of Economics at the University of Fribourg a prominent place for academic studies and research work. The main fields of interest of its members concern economic and social policies, with a particular focus on public sector economics. In all teaching, research, and consultant activities a speicial attention is dedicated to the professional assessment of public sector activity in any fields of state intervention. Members of the Department have a particular interest in studying institutions in the state and society, notably their functioning and shortcomings. The Department of Economics is thus an active component of the competence center of the Faculty of Economics and Social Science, which focuses on “Corporate Governance and Public Sector Governance: Collective and Private Responsibility”.
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CERMi – Centre for European Research in Microfinance

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The CERMi was created in October 2007 as a centre of scientific excellence specialised in the study of microfinance in developing countries. It brings together microfinance researchers from Centre Emile Bernheim (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB, Belgium) and from the Warocqué Research Centre (WarocquéBusinessSchool, UMONS, Belgium). With over 30 associate researchers from universities all over Europe and from other parts of the world, CERMi aims to promote high-level research in microfinance, in particular by encouraging doctoral research, organising workshops, seminars, and conferences, and developing international partnerships.

CERMi focuses its research on 4 research axes: governance of MFIs, new products and services, public policies in microfinance, and ethics issues in microfinance. Combining the different researches led at CERMi, the post-doctorate fellow should benefit from all the support needed to analyze the supply of the MFIs studied from three points of view : its portfolio growth and management, its products design and implementation and last but not least the quality of its corporate governance.
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LASAARE – Laboratory for Applied Statistics in Analysis and Research in Economics


The LASAARE was founded in 1995. It is an open structure which hosts researchers, doctoral and Masters students in Development Studies from Morocco and abroad. Our work focuses mostly on the informal economy and its modes of financing, current reforms in the Moroccan financial system, and microfinance and its impacts. We also work on the dynamics of production systems in an era of trade and financial liberalization, the determinants and implications of international migration, and the dynamics of poverty and its spatial distribution.

The LASAARE was created on the initiative of FouziMourji, professor at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Policy, University Hassan II – Casablanca to meet a need for researchers wishing to work in the field of applied economics. It looks to provide an otherwise lacking infrastructure and framework for conducting team research.

LASAARE has regular partnerships with numerous academic institutions including CERDI (University of Auvergne), Paris I University’s Economic Sorbonne center (CES), Paris 12 University (Val de Marne), GATE / University of Lyon 2 ), CARE (University of Rouen) and ScEspi (Italy).